//The Arabs and Iran A Historical and Political Review
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The Arabs and Iran A Historical and Political Review

This book carries special importance since it is one of the few publications dealing comprehensively and critically with Iran’s growing importance on the Arab political scene since the 1979 Islamic Revolution – and especially since the fall of Baghdad in 2003. Arab-Iranian relations have been, and remain, extremely thorny and riddled with suspicion, with the weight of history intersecting with competing interests and ideologies. Edited by Dr. Azmi Bishara and Dr. Mahjoob Zweiri, this book examines the relationship in a historical and political context and includes contributions from Arab researchers and experts of various perspective and opinions informed by diverse intellectual and political backgrounds.

The sum of these chapters is a comprehensive tome that is indispensible in any research on the Arabs and Iran, as well as an important source for understanding the complexities of Arab-Iranian relations. It should be noted that the chapters were written immediately before the outbreak of the current Arab revolutions.



Iran and the Arabs: Overview – Azmi Bishara

The Arabs and Iran: Between memory and history – Wajih Kawtharani

Iran and the Arabs in the shadows of religion and politics throughout history – Mahjoob Zweiri

Myths and realities in Arab-Iranian relations – Mohammad Hamed Al-Ahmari

The Arabs and Iran: Common interests and unstable relations – Talal Atrissi

Iran and the resistance: The transformations of politics and society resist the slogans of the revolution – Fatima Al-Samadi

Iranian influence in Iraq: The challenges and the dimensions – Abdul Wahhab al-Qassab

Arab-Iranian relations: Syrian-Iranian relations as an example – Musa Al-Ghariri

Arab Maghreb and Iran – Al-Hussein al-Zawi

Moroccan-Iranian relations: The factors of rapprochement and future prospects ….Abd al-Ali Hami al-Din

Maghreb-Iran relations: An expose and analysis – Al-Tahir ‘Amara al-Adgham

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