//About the 2024 “Annual Palestine Forum”

About the 2024 “Annual Palestine Forum”

The first round of the Palestine Forum, held in late January in Doha, was greatly successful, both in terms of the quality of the papers presented and the volume of participation and interaction from attendees from all over the world. Around 60 peer-reviewed papers were selected from a total of 375 submissions and were presented in themed sessions on Palestinian history, the Palestinian question, the social and economic conditions of Palestinians under occupation, settler colonialism and the apartheid regime, patterns of Palestinian resistance, Zionism, national liberation movements, Palestine in Arab and international relations, public opinion issues, and many other related topics. In addition, the forum hosted a number of specialized and general workshops related to current issues concerning the Palestinian question.

Based on this success, the fact that many researchers and activists who wished to attend were not able to do so, along with the interaction and interest of many institutions, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the

Institute for Palestine Studies
announce that the second round of the Palestine Forum to be held in 2024.

This conference will create an interactive academic space to present new and innovative approaches and to exchange views and ideas related to the study of Palestine. It is an opportunity for researchers who are already working on papers to present and discuss their work, and to learn about and benefit from new research trends in Palestine Studies.

The Palestine Forum does not have a specific annual theme but covers multiple topics related to Palestine, such as: 

The apartheid regime; Settlements; Jerusalem; Research offering policy recommendations or related to policymaking; Palestine in education curricula; The future of the Palestinian national project; The Palestinian political system (e.g., the Palestinian Authority, internal divisions, and state under occupation); The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) – past, present, and future; Systems of colonial surveillance and population control; Israel’s withholding of Palestinian martyrs’ bodies; Higher education in Palestine; Effects of the siege on Gaza; Refugees and migration; Solidarity movements; Prisons and the Palestinian prisoners’ movement; Policy and strategy analysis (local, regional, and international); Patterns of Palestinian resistance; Nakba and memory; Trends in the historiography of Palestine and the Palestinian people; The Palestinian community on both sides of the Green Line and in the diaspora; Zionism, society, and state in Israel; Media; Gender studies; Political economy and development studies; Human rights and legal studies; Security and military studies and wartime economy; Demography and population; Studies of space and place; Transformations in Palestinian society; The youth in Palestine and current political society; Palestinians in the diaspora: status, identity and role; Protest movements in Palestine;..

Attending the conference without submitting a research paper

Interested parties and individuals (who are not submitting papers) can register to attend the conference between 10 September and 31 October 2023 by filling out and submitting the online application form. A limited number of applications will be accepted.

  1. Fill out and submit the relevant online application form no later than 31 October 2023. Keep in mind that the two institutions will accept a limited number of applicants on a competitive basis:
  2. The Arab Center will only process the entry visa to the State of Qatar.
  3. The Arab Center will not cover travel and accommodation expenses for attendees who are not submitting papers.
  4. The Arab Center will provide accepted applicants a list of recommended accommodation for their convenience during the conference.

Conference Date: 27-29 January, 2024

Conference venue: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha, Qatar.

Conference languages: Arabic and English.

For any inquiries, please contact
[email protected].

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