//International Winter School 2024 on “Social Media, Surveillance and Societies of Control” – Limited Seats Available

International Winter School 2024 on “Social Media, Surveillance and Societies of Control” – Limited Seats Available

In response to the interest of several prospective applicants, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies announces the availability of a limited number of seats at the fifth International Winter School 2024 (IWS) titled
“Social Media, Surveillance and Societies of Control”, that will be held from
6-11 January 2024 in Doha, Qatar.

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis; therefore, we advise interested Phd students and early carier scholars to submit their applications as soon as possible.

The fifth round of the International Winter School will address the interaction between social media, surveillance, and control by governments and corporations and the vulnerability of popular culture to manipulation and control through social media. The International Winter School welcomes submissions from advanced PhD students and early career scholars specialized in different social science and related computer science and engineering disciplines across the globe. Submissions based on collected data are highly encouraged. The evidence and data collected for submissions must adhere to academic ethical standards. Click here for the full concept note.

The ACRPS International Winter School is an annual forum that seeks to provide an in-depth and critical understanding of selected topics. It provides an opportunity for participants (advanced PhD students and early career scholars) to network with international scholars, gain substantive knowledge and insight, and receive feedback from respected scholars and experts in their field.

Taha Yasseri (University College Dublin), Ahmed Al-Rawi (Simon Fraser University), Marc Owen Jones (Hamad bin Khalifa University), David Lyon (Queen’s University), and Rebecca L. Stein (Duke University) are among the scholars taking part in this year’s Winter School program through lectures, roundtables, and workshops. More experts will be confirmed soon.

Application Process

  • Fill out and submit the application form accompanied by a current CV, an abstract of the proposed paper, and (optionally) a plan for data collection. The abstract should be no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words and should outline the research questions/problem, the context, and the proposed methodology.
  • The submission should be followed by a letter of recommendation following the form available on this link. Please send the recommendation form to your referee and have them send it directly to our academic committee ([email protected]).
  • The Academic Committee will notify all applicants about the status of their applications by email.
  • Applicants with approved abstracts should submit a research project in the form of a paper, 8,000 words in length by 10 November 2023. Submitted drafts must follow academic standards in writing and integrity.
  • Your paper will be reviewed by an academic committee. The committee will notify you whether your research project is accepted or rejected.
  • The academic committee’s approval of the research proposal does not automatically guarantee the complete draft’s inclusion in the conference.

Funding for travel expenses is available on a competitive basis. Accommodation is provided for all participants for the duration of the program.

For inquiries related to the conference, please contact: [email protected]

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